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We want to achieve more inclusive classrooms in our partner countries to offer quality education for all while respecting
diversity, different needs and abilities in our classroom. During the project and after the completion of it, we would like to
contribute to the European Union of Equality Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030 with our
project’s impact since inclusive education has been put high on the education agenda at EU level.

Within this project, we will encourage the partner countries to exchange best practices and to learn from each other because İt is highly indispensable to hold a deep and open discussion on how to make our education system more inclusive for all with or without any difficulties. Although our main target groups are students with learning difficulties, we would like to open a frame for gifted students who have attention deficit and hyperactivity.

These children are often misunderstood and their shinny parts may not be understood because of their ADHD. For this reason we choose STEAM education as it is multi
disciplinary and allows students enough flexibility to think creatively while gaining them necessary 21.century skills which are prerequisite for their future life to have a decent job and life.

“Far Beyond the Barriers'' project’s main objectives are;
Promoting awareness and fighting stigma against the students with LDs because this group of students, if they are provided with greater knowledge and practice, are more than capable of closing the gap between them and their peers.
Promoting and modelling positive attitudes and respectful language in schools/ classrooms for social and emotional

Ensuring necessary assistance to the teachers because learning difficulties are often misunderstood even by teachers.
Teacher’s lack of knowledge and understanding about LDs can lead to poor education and care of these students.
Promoting using different teaching approaches, disciplines and tools for teachers such as STEAM ( Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education approach, Creative Drama, Game based Teaching ,Sport and providing them a
teacher guide ( R1) better to include students with LDs in mainstream education.

Delivering an online course with 5 modules for teachers that teachers can benefit from to have the greatest impact on
To achieve all these objectives, school managers/ teachers need to be more confident in identifying and making changes to the school environment to be able to positively support the integration of students with learning difficulties. Teachers as themain actors of our education systems need to have education and training in how the inclusion in school / class can be
achieved and which strategies/ approaches/ techniques/ methods and tools can be used to achieve that goal. We would like
to cater all these needs during the project and after its closure with our sustainability activities.

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