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Module 3: Using Drama as a tool for inclusion in the classroom

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Are you a teacher looking out for some new drama teaching ideas? This course module is perfect for you! Drama incorporates important educational elements because in the world where life is getting more and more complicated, conventional education is losing its ground. Drama offers a novel approach to education i.e., one that can bring learning to life and is more practical, creative, expressive, and enjoyable for both teachers and students. In this module, we understand the value of teaching through drama in inclusive education. Drama is presented here as a dynamic method that engages students in active learning, promoting creativity, critical thinking, and emotional development. The course aims to equip teachers with the skills to use drama effectively in inclusive education settings, addressing the needs of students with various learning difficulties. Participants of this module course will receive knowledge about what drama is, its benefits, techniques and how to implement drama in the classroom. In this module, drama is postulated as an effective technique in inclusive education in which building a safe space by the educator is a guarantee of success. In addition, drama is presented here as a form of therapy for students who can release energy and overcome psychological barriers. Moreover, the use of masks is discussed as a way for students to identify with roles and explore different perspectives. By the end of the course, participants will know new ways to boost students’ participation, motivation, self-expression and cooperation in using drama as a tool in inclusive education. Join us to the journey of holistic learning, where drama accelerates personality development and imparts students with crucial life skills. This module also includes a webinar where an expert will explain the benefits of using drama in the classroom. The completion of this module, including the quiz, the webinar and is expected to take 3-4 hours.

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Module 3: Using Drama as a tool for inclusion

Module 3: Using Drama as a tool for inclusion

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