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Guide for Developing an inclusive classroom

As educators, we find ourselves as pivotal persons, holding the key to unlocking a future where every student, irrespective of their abilities, is not just accepted but valued. This guidebook, a product of the Far Beyond the Barriers Erasmus project, stands as a testament to our shared belief in education as a powerful catalyst for change and we are welcoming you to an inspiring odyssey, where the seeds of inclusion sprout into a flourishing garden of boundless possibilities with this guidebook.

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Learning Scenarios:


The Quest for the Lost Crown


Finidng Prime Numbers Mathematics Worksheet.png

Exploring Prime Numbers through Inclusive Game-Based Learning

Stroking Cat on the Terrace

Empathy Creates

the Magic                   

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Exploring the Area of Polygons with Geomag



Believe in yourself- Christmas play 


Soccer together


Exploring Europe: Mapping European Countries and Capitals              

Emotions Check in.jpg

How do you feel? - adjectives describing emotions

Color Tiles

Be crafty                                                    


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