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Module 5: Using Sports as a tool for inclusion

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Welcome to Module 5! This module aims to raise awareness of inclusive education and related concepts by using sport as a tool for inclusion . In this context, it focuses on the necessity of providing equal and high quality education to students with different characteristics and how sport can be used as a tool. The module is activity-based and includes group work or individual and collaborative work to ensure active participation of the participants in the learning process. This module focuses on the use of sports as a tool for promoting inclusion and education among children, particularly those with learning disabilities or ADHD. It explores the benefits of playing sports for children and highlights how sports can strengthen self-confidence and school skills. The module also provides strategies for teaching children with learning disabilities through sports and discusses the importance of inclusive sports programs. Furthermore, it suggests the best sports for children with ADHD or learning disabilities and offers best practices for creating an inclusive sports environment. This module also includes a webinar where an expert will explain the benefits of an inclusive education on the use of sport as a tool. The training period of the module, which consists of some activities, is planned as 3-4 lesson hours. The module has been prepared in a way that all teachers and administrators can benefit from. They will be encouraged to apply the knowledge gained to their own teaching practices or educational settings to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all children.

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