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Erasmus Days 2023

The Erasmus+ project team from Primary school N 4 in Pułtusk prepared a diverse schedule of the celebration of Erasmus Days, which included interactive quizzes on knowledge of European countries, classes with teachers on tolerance referring to the theme of cultural diversity, a STEAM booth with teaching aids, robots and games purchased as part of the implementation of the

Far beyond the barriers project and the opportunity to freely test them, an exhibition on the projects currently underway and promotional materials in the form of bookmarks.

Students prepared multimedia presentations on partner countries: Italy, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia and Bulgaria, as well as sweet refreshments. Eager students tested their knowledge in interactive games about European countries, and took souvenir photos in a photo booth. Break time was filled with well-known and well-loved musical pieces from various European countries.

We would like to thank all students for their active participation, joint learning and fun!

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