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ErasmusDays' Activities

The #ErasmusDays is an initiative aimed at disseminating the results of projects implemented as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

For 3 days, between 13 and 15 October 2022, meetings, exhibitions and debates were organised all over the world, where you were able to hear (or speak for yourself) about the results of Erasmus+ projects.

All partners` schools prepared special programmes for the event, during which students had the opportunity to learn about the Erasmus+ Programme, the culture of the partner countries and the projects implemented at the school.

This year, Erasmus Days is not only an information meeting or a promotional action, but also great fun for the students.It was an opportunity to learn about customs, traditions, flavors, interesting facts about our partner countries, as well as about the Erasmus + programme itself. We are presenting a photographic report from the Erasmus Day celebrations in Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 4 z klasami sportowymi im. Ireny Szewińskiej w Pułtusku.

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