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İstanbul LTT Meeting - Day 4

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

On the fourth day( 23.08.2022) of Istanbul Ltt , our topic was integration of technology into the STE(A)M education and Design Thinking Strategies.

The participants of LTT activities were hosted by our associated partner Mehmet Akif Secondary School for technology workshops such as Using 3D designing, 3D printers.

Dear Mehmet Türkmen as STEM teacher was with us to present best practices of using robotics and 3D designs as tools. Thanks to Mehmet Akif Ortaokulu - Sarıyer and the headmaster Dear Yılmaz Göktepe for their hospitality.

After our school visit and workshops, we were hosted by Hüseyin Çoşkun , Deputy Mayor of Sarıyer Municipality.

In our visit we have had opportunity to learn about educational affairs of Sarıyer Municipality as local authority.

The day continued with discussion session on how can we create strong relationships with local authorities to run further projects. Thanks to Sariyer Municipality and Deputy Mayor for their hospitality.

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